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Elastodial artificial

The artificial elastodiene fiber is a chemical modification of natural elements.

It allows to obtain a continuous filament, whose diameter depends on the spinnerets used during the extrusion. Elastodiene artificial fibers are filaments whose components have important elastic properties.

They have the capacity to support strong deformations before breaking. This type of yarn is mainly used in the clothing and sports industries in order to provide elastiity.

6 - Fibres artificielles élastodienne (sibenphoto) PX


  • Origin :

    Natural rubber is an artificial elastodial fiber that comes from the rubber tree. It is commonly called Latex.

  • Culture :

    The collection is done by incision of the bark of the trunks, the sap (rubber) is then recovered in containers. It is necessary to stabilize the spun filaments with ammonia.

  • Location :

    Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, China, Vietnam, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Liberia, Brazil.

  • Filaments :

    Continuous filaments with variable diameter.

  • Use :

    Industry, medical, sportswear, clothing.

  • Features :Elastic, biodegradable
  • Weaknesses :

    Produced in small quantities