Filix – Up tech

Spinner, yarn coverer

FILIX UP-TECH is the specialist in elastic yarn, known and recognized worldwide since 1934. Our objective is to research and develop creative solutions that will enable our customers to maintain a competitive advantage. FILIX UP-TECH has an important machine park working thanks to 180 collaborators on more than 36500 m², allowing to answer all the requests, from a few tens of kg to several tens of tons, whatever the yarn wished by the customer.

Services :

Exclusive development and production of custom-made yarns for our customers.
Highly qualified team dedicated to customer service.
High development capacity of new yarns (more than 250 per year).

Application fields :

Health, hygiene, transport, automotive, aeronautic, nautical, spacial, agri-food / Packaging, clothing, leather goods, sport, sport equipment, furniture, building, home, events, safety, geotextile, energy, industry

Materials / treated textile surfaces :

Raw materials, yarns

Equipment :

Traditional and air-jet wrapping machines, double-twisting machines, twisting machines, ....
R&D laboratory
Control laboratories
Pilot workshop for pre-industrial development.