Weaver, manufacturer of wire cloths, sieves and filters

The knowledge of wire cloth weaving makes SAULAS & Cie a well-known and recognized reference in the manufacture and sale of wire cloths, filters, sieves, strainers, grids, ... and all shaped products for filtration, separation, screening, granulation, on demand or in series.
All sectors: Chemistry/Petrochemistry, Plastics, Pharmaceutical industry, Food industry, Construction/Public works, Metallurgy/Steel industry, Wood/Paper, Recycling and other industrial sectors.

Services :

Supply and realization of cloths, filters, sieves, strainers, grids, on demand or in series.

Application fields :

Health, transport, automotive, aeronautic, agri-food / Packaging, building, energy, industry

Materials :

Chemical : Metals

Materials / treated textile surfaces :

Yarns, fabrics, nonwovens, metal grids

Equipment :

9 weaving machines up to 3m width, strip or panel cutting equipment, thin sheet metal workshop, tensioning tables (cardboard or panel relining), spot or continuous welding machines, engraving machine, optical device (control).