ETE Européenne de Teinture et d’Ennoblissement

Dyer, finisher, tests / laboratories

Services :

Knitwear dyeing and mechanical finishing (shaving), color development and testing laboratory (Oekotex certification on reactive dyes)

Application fields :

Clothing, sport, safety

Materials :

Natural : Cotton, Linen, Hamp, Wool

Chemical : Viscose, Modal, Bamboo, Polyester, Polyamide, Acrylic

Materials / treated textile surfaces :

Knits, fabrics, velvet, double-sided

Equipment :

Rotostram, dyeing machines in rope form (soft trd), dyeing sampler (40kg), shavers, tumblers (tumble dryers), relaxing dryers, stenter, uncoiler, opener, de-stoner, spin dryer, laboratory (bib and spectro).