Trium Technology

Manufacturer, cutter, printer

Trium Technology custom manufactures a wide range of printed textile products for its customers: - Interior and exterior decorative items such as printed decorative cushions, wall hangings, comforter covers, plaids, shower curtains, bath mats and floor mats; - Accessories such as make-up bags, toiletry bags, clutches, backpacks, sports bags, drawstring bags and scarves; - Advertising media for corporate communication (Kakemonos, printed panels, folding screens, etc.); - Custom-designed textile items tailored to customers' needs.

Application fields :

Home, events, clothing, sport, building, furniture

Materials :

Chemical : Polyester

Materials / treated textile surfaces :

Fabrics, complex / multilayered

Equipment :

180 and 320 cm wide digital printing machines, 180 and 270 cm transfer calenders, polyester fiber cushion carding and filling, sewing machines.