L’atelier d’Ariane

Textile decorator, textile details, cutter, manufacturer

L'Atelier d'Ariane was created in 1995. The company is a French textile company specialized in the high-end clothing and fashion accessories; we are a team of 80 people involved with our partners.
Our values in a few words :
Respect for people, sense of service, availability and adaptability.

Services :

Design office and development of cut and sew models, prototypes, collections and production in France and/or abroad.

Application fields :

Health, transport, automotive, aeronautic, clothing, sport, furniture, building, home, safety, geotextile, energy, industry

Materials / treated textile surfaces :

Knits, fabrics, nonwovens, plastic films / membranes, polyurethane foam, complex / multilayered, composites, metal grids, leather

Equipment :

Single, double and triple drive sewing machines, ultrasonic welding, high frequency welding, manual cutting, semi-automatic cutting, automatic cutting, die-cutting, digital transfer, embroidery.